Atlantis Loans (ATL) Opening for Deposit and Trading on Digiasset Exchange |

Digiasset News Oct 19, 2022

The Atlantis protocol has been designed to give platform users a decentralized and secure marketplace to take loans and earn interest. The protocol runs entirely on the Binance Smart Chain, which removes current pain-points on the Ethereum blockchain in terms of congestion, lack of cross-chain compatible assets, and high transaction fees. These standards are coupled to give a scalable solution on a money market that will be completely controlled by the community through its governance token ATL.

Atlantis Loans (ATL) Will be Available on Digiassetindo
Atlantis [] is an autonomous anddecentralized money market that enables variable-based rates for supplyingdigital asset collaterals to the protocol and from borrowing digital assets fromthe protocol with over-collateralized assets. The tokenization of d…
list of minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal transactions on our platform: 1. TRON Deposit Fee = 0.0 Minimal Deposit Amount = 25.0 Withdraw Fee = 10.0 Minimal Withdraw Amount = 25.0 2. WATER COIN (WRC) Deposit Fee = 0.0 Minimal Deposit Amount = 0.5 Withdraw Fee = 20 Minimal Withdraw Am…

Atlantis Loan will soon be listed on Digiassetindo on October 20th, 2022, the openings for deposit at 09.00 and trading at 14.00 WIB. Noted: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a very high risk as prices are subject to change at any time, please trade with extreme caution. Trade at Digiassetindo now!



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