Digiasset News Sep 09, 2022

Hi Digiasset Members,

Exclusively for you to have the opportunity to get a lot of Rewards up to IDR 30K BTC+75 USDT just by buying BTC/IDR Assets during the period 16 -30 September 2022. For more details, please follow the task :

  • Trade at least one transaction on BTC/IDR assets on the Digiasset market. Buy transactions (until ordered) on assets during the promo period, for sell transactions it can be outside the period
  • Bonus for 500 lucky users will each get IDR 30,000 in BTC
  • Bonus for 10 users with the largest transaction volume

- Rank 1 get IDR 300,000 in USDT

- Rank 2 get IDR 225,000 in USDT

- Rank 3 get IDR 150,000 in USDT

- Ranks 4 - 10 will each get IDR 75,000 in USDT

General Terms & Conditions:

  • Winners will be announced a maximum of H+5 on all official social media from Digiasset after the promo is over
  • Prizes will be distributed no later than 14 working days after the winner gets the information above (prize distribution is only done during weekdays, excluding weekends and national holidays)
  • The winner's decision by Digiasset cannot be contested
  • Digiasset has the authority to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  • Digiasset has the right to cancel the winner and refuse the distribution of prizes to users if it is proven that they do not meet the specified conditions.

The latest information about Digiasset is available on all official accounts Digiassetindo.