“Join to Give Away !”

Digiasset News Nov 16, 2022

Digiasset Indo presents a special promo for you all! The main objective of this event is to get traffic from Crypto Challengers in the form of member get and exchange promotions as well as the global community that Digiasset has. Members of the Crypto Challengers will be treated to a giveaway of 1.5 USDT on condition that they join the Digiasset Global Community and for prize delivery, it is recommended to create an account on the Digiasset Exchange. The Digiasset team will track CC members who actually enter the community by G-form and automatically those members will get 1.5 USDT giveaway. Held on November 18, 2022. Please follow the task:

· User joins the Digiasset Global community.

· Download the Digiassetindo app, create an account.

· Prize delivery will be made by the team through the account in the Digiassetindo app.

· Fill out this form to confirm.

General Terms & Conditions:

· Winners will be announced a maximum of H+3 on all official social media from Digiasset after the promo is over

· Prizes will be distributed no later than 7 working days after the winner gets the information above (prize distribution is only done during weekdays, excluding weekends and national holidays)

· The winner's decision by Digiasset cannot be contested

· Digiasset has the authority to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

· Digiasset has the right to cancel the winner and refuse the distribution of prizes to users if it is proven that they do not meet the specified conditions.

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