Market Signal - 24 Oct 2022

Digiasset News Oct 24, 2022

Hi Digiasset members, Do you have a crypto watchlist this week? We have some insight from Market Signal, we hope that Digiassetindo can help your portfolio become more optimal. Come on, follow for getting more!

3 Bullish Crypto Assets


The uptrend on ETHUSDT started on Oct, 22 which indicates the price will go up higher. However now the price is in correction. In the chart above by 12H timeframe, price will try to enter (the black box) demand area, the closest area to take profit at resistance with price US$ 1370.65 .


LTCUSDT for some days later has started to entering strong up trend, one of the indications that the price had broken through several resistance levels. Now the price is correction, as a trader this can be a buy signal, because at a cheaper price. By the chart 2H timeframe, price is correcting to ( black box) demand area. If its demand area reject and you are the type of short-term trader, this chance to buy, then take profit at the nearest resistance of US$ 54.26.


MATICUSDT had broken the resistance level of US$ 0.88660 (on date Oct,20 2022) . In general, the price is still in the uptrend phase and ready to making a correction. So it can be a buy signal, of course in cheaper price. If   demand area (black box) is strong, then the potential price will spike up. In this analysis using the 4H timeframe.

3 Bearish Crypto Assets


Since Oct 19, 2022 JUSTUSDT has broken through several support levels. If you look at the 2H timeframe, the price will likely continue to decline. Moreover, there is a supply area (in the black box). If you still hold this asset, be careful because there is a possibility that the price will go to the support level of US$ 0.02741.


The downtrend has occurred since Oct 19, 2022. If you look at the 4H time frame, price hit the black line as a support level US$ 0.6006, then the price maybe continue to decline until the next black line. As holder this asset, please to maintain money management, if the price is still experiencing a deep and fundamental correction do you think it's still worth it sometimes you can buy it again at a cheaper price.


Since October 20, 2022 when based on 4H timeframe, UNIUSDT in  downtrend phase. Maybe it's better to wait and see first, if you want to buy this asset. Cause, there is a possibility that after touching (the black box) supply area, the price could drop to the support price of US$ 5.79.

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