Swing Trader in Crypto Asset

Digiasset News Jan 10, 2023

One trading strategy that uses a relatively short period of time, usually only holding the purchased asset for a few days and a maximum of about two weeks is called Swing Trader. This type of trader takes advantage of price movements or the rise and fall of crypto asset prices for short-term periods only in order to earn profit. One of the characteristics of this type of trader is that they often observe price movements with the help of daily charts.

The tip to become a Swing Trader is to do the following things, such as check charts and find potential assets to be traded, if there are no potential assets to be traded, then just make a watch list. The advantages of swing trading compared to other trading techniques are as follows.

  • Less time in monitoring charts for trading compared to scalping trading.
  • More optimal short-term profit potential, because it only takes small movements from large movements on the chart
  • Focus on technical analysis which only looks for potential short-term moves