Tactics for Position Traders

Technical Analysis Nov 08, 2022

A position trader buys an investment for the long term in the expectation that its value will rise. They do not concern with short-term fluctuations in price and maybe trade fewer than 10 trades in a year. Their analysis is based on trend starting point and or in good fundamental coin/token, it is likely to continue for some time and get the profit.

A big advantage of position trading is that it doesn't take a lot of time. After placing trade and safeguards, traders just wait for the desired outcome. The main risk is fluctuations in a small timeframe that unexpectedly turn on reversals movement and another risk might make traders' balance locked for a long period. It is different with swing traders, who might hold an investment for a few weeks so the result in a profit or loss can be known faster.

Mostly position traders used big timeframe, for example above Matic in daily chart could analysis by technical. They buy on mid of September at a red support level, then sell based on resistance (blue line) with profit more than 140% the last November. In this case traders choose Matic because have power in fundamental, it is the biggest 10  crypto in CMC, so have a chance to raise its value when the price drop in long term.

Traders have to match their trading styles with their personal goals. Then, choose how much time they to track the crypto asset. e.g once a week. To be successful for manage funds on the crypto asset, a position trader has to identify the right entry and exit prices for the asset and have a plan in place to manage risk. Position trading is ideally suited to strong uptrend.

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