SKALE Will be Available on Digiasset Exchange

Digiasset News Nov 23, 2022

History of SKALE

SKALE is a network that also provides tokens rated 167 in CMC, Skale bridges the Ethereum platform which is actually slow in verifying transactions in it. The availability of Scale here helps the Ethereum platform or reduces the transaction load, thereby gaining speed in processing transactions.

O'Holleran — co-founder and chief executive of SKALE — is a technology entrepreneur specializing in blockchain and decentralized systems. He continues to hold a strategic advisory role at Aktana, the life sciences company he co-founded with the other founders in 2008.

According to his LinkedIn profile, O'Holleran started the early stages of his career as an account executive at Good Technology. He spent two years there before joining Motorola's product strategy and business development division.

The SKALE network is geared towards increasing the security and decentralization of Ethereum-based applications.

Token holders on the SKALE Network are incentivized and rewarded by helping to improve the scalability and security of the platform by acting as validators.

Unique of SKALE Token

The SKALE Network is the first project to launch tokens on ConsenSys' Activate Codefi platform — which is "designed to launch a decentralized network and allow customers to purchase, manage, and use their tokens — all in one app." Activate is designed to set a new standard for utility token distribution, and ensure that the network is fully usable as soon as tokens are sold.

It is hoped that this approach will help clear the name of the initial coin offering sector, which has been prone to fraud in recent years.

By launching tokens that meet regulatory standards, SKALE intends for its tokens to be widely adopted and avoid fraudulent activity.

Ethereum is usually slow to verify and certify transactions. Using the SKALE Network greatly improves Ethereum transaction verification speed as SKALE can operate faster and execute up to a maximum of 2,000 transactions per second per chain, according to his team.

SKALE will be listed on Digiassetindo soon, for more information about Venus follows our latest updates on Digiassetindo social media.


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